Season 2 Episode 3 went out live at midnight 17 Jan 2020. The show started with a bit of The Offspring before the traditional Dr Who start-up theme that signals arrival of The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show. That was just a bit of fun to keep you on your toes, otherwise, it was pretty much a textbook show. One thing I suggest you do when you listen to the show is Google the lyrics, it’s fascinating to see how good they are on so many of these songs. In the old days you had the lyrics on the album cover, probably why the generation growing up through the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s know all the words to everything, but actually we are better off now where you can get lyrics for everything while you listen.

The show kicked off with The Sweet’s Teenage Rampage and then straight into the mighty Judas Priest. It would have been remiss of me not to call out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fiasco for their latest travesty of justice so that was done pretty much straight away. Motley Crue restarted again halfway through the song but you won’t really notice because I clipped it out for your listening pleasure. I do however speak about it, so in the words of one of my high school teachers, “And boys that is why”. I don’t normally edit the show but no-one wants to hear a song twice in a row with so much other good stuff to get to. The highlight for me was the brutality of Sepultura into the smooth perfection of Gary Moore with Still Got the Blues. It made me realize Gary Moore and Rory Gallagher would have been the most amazing twin guitar combo ever. There were so many good moments on this show, ‘(White Man ) In Hammersmith Palais’ from The Clash, ‘California Uber Alles’ from ‘The Dead Kennedy’s’ as well as ‘Man in the Box’ featuring some great guitar work from Jerry Cantrell. These were just a few that spring to mind, the whole thing is good. Finally let’s not forget the sheer, power, aggression and rawness of Fokofpolisiekar in their hey-day with ‘Angs Aanval’ was sublime. And then, of course, we did need to pay our respects to the amazing Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist for Canada’s greatest band Rush. Neil sadly passed away on 7 January and we played Spirit of Radio to say cheers, RIP Mr. Neil Peart.

Artists featured included: Pink Floyd, W.A.S.P, The Clash, Fokofpolisiekar, Stone Sour, Bush, The Sweet, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Mötley Crüe, Black Sabbath, UFO, Sepultura, Neil Young, Tesla, Def Leppard, Motörhead, ACDC, The Defiants, Marilyn Manson, Alice in Chains, Gary Moore, Desolation Angels, Rush, The Dead Kennedy’s, Nazareth.


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This show is more fun every week, it is quite strange how the ones where you initially feel you have all the wrong songs turn out to be listener favorites. This episode took place at midnight on 25 October and it felt a bit different from normal, I figured out it’s because there wasn’t any Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rainbow or Megadeth which is unusual. It’s being on a tightrope without a safety net. Instead, there was some interesting newish stuff from Mustasch, Burning Rain. Highlights in this episode for me were In This River off the Black Label Society – Unblackened album and Greta Van Fleet who have grown on me


For the Punk slot, we went right back to the roots with The Sex Pistols and The Clash. It still sounded very fresh, I reckon that Steve Jones is far more influential than people realize. Compare his guitar sound with everything else happening in 1977 and you’ll see what I mean. The local slot was filled by Cutting Jade and Dead-Line, I tend to gush about Dead-Line they are writing some good stuff and the guitar work is fantastic. The male solo category was headed up by John Mellencamp and Jimmy Barnes and Metallica and Machinehead bought the Heavy. I closed out with the greatest guitar solo ever committed to vinyl, I don’t normally play the classics because in many instances they have been totally overdone, this one however just felt exactly right m/.


Artists featured in Episode 41 include Black Sabbath, Jimmy Barnes, ACDC, Mustasch, Metallica, Cutting Jade, Halestorm, John Mellencamp, Machinehead, The Clash, Q5, Greta Van Fleet, Rival Sons, Black Label Society, Live, Pink Floyd, The Sex Pistols, Burning Rain, Rose Tattoo, Danzig, Audioslave, Dead-Line, Mötley Crüe the Coheed & Cambria.

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Episode 35 of the Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show aired at midnight on 6 September 2019.  It was a great episode even if I do say so myself.  I had exclusive permission to feature a track off Headed to Hell the new album by East Rand rock stars The Burning, it sounded fantastic and the comments on the WhatsApp line were overwhelmingly positive.

I played some more from the Bite! album by Animal Drive! and also can’t get enough of Warpaint the new Buckcherry album.  Jethro Tull & The Rolling Stones sorted out the 50 year old music and Cold Chisel and ACDC did the honours for Australia.  Burning Witches represented the ladies and we had my besties Van Coke Kartel and Johnathan Martin in the local slot.  The Clash gave us the requisite bit of Punk Rock and then we had the third edition of the Long Live The Loud feature, two tracks suggested by my mate Marq Vas.  All in all, it was a total jol and as usual, I ran out of time.

Bands featured on this episode included: The Burning, ACDC, The Cult, Van Halen, Q5, Volbeat, Buckcherry, Ian Hunter, Animal Drive, Mouthful of Flies, Faster Pussycat, Gary Moore, Burning Witches, Johnathan Martin, Cold Chisel, The Clash. Kiss, Judas Priest, The Rolling Stones, Overkill, Van Coke Kartel, Jethro Tull, The Darkness & Manowar

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TSORR Radio Show’s 32st episode went out live at midnight on 16 August.  It was Madonna’s birthday and we celebrated that making sure we played nothing by her.  As always the show kicked off with a bang, this week in the form of Iron Maiden.  The show starts very quickly, in fact so quick that Speed of Light was indeed a fitting first track.  A huge technical problem that has been plaguing TSORR since inception has been solved, you may notice if you listen regularly that the last song often just cuts off just before the end.  That problem has now been solved, genius boy strikes again.

There were quite a few requests last night, more than normal, I played the Metallica for Johan and next week I’ll hit the Diamond Head / Danzig double for Valeska and the Motorhead cover of Whiplash for Athol,  looking forward to that.   We took a listen to a new all girl metal band out of Sweden called Burning Witches who were new to me and that went down really well.  The highlight for me personally was actually right at the end when I played The Fisherman by Jack Hammer.  Some good memories there RIP Piet Botha.  The new desk is stunningly beautiful and sounds better than ever, it was a fun episode, hope you enjoy it too.

Artists featured in Episode 32 include Iron Maiden, Nazareth, Skid Row, Badlands, Newsted, Danko Jones, Queen, Rose Tattoo, Billy Talent, The Clash, Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, Foo Fighters, Jack Hammer, Metallica, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Fozzy, Live, Burning Witches, The Damned, Van Coke Kartel, Alabama 3, Peter Hanmer, The Pretty Reckless, Def Leppard, Rival Sons.

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The Story of Rock and Roll Radio Show-Episode 22 went live from the Mix 93.8 FM studios at 00h00 on 7 June 2019.  TSORR Radio Show rocked from start to finish, kicking off with fast paced ACDC and Iron Maiden and finishing off with Guns ‘n’ Roses and Pantera.  In between we played songs from 8 countries and 6 decades.  There was a quiet moment where we paid our respects to SA rock legend Piet Botha who sadly passed away this week.  It was a special little part of the show featuring two songs, give that bit a deeper listen and focus on the words.  Piet’s passing is a huge loss for SA music and sad though it is I focused on my gratitude rather than the loss.  RIP Piet, you were very dear to us.

The Story of Rock and Roll Podcast-Episode 22 featured ACDC, Kiss, Rory Gallagher, Badlands, Van Halen, Piet Botha, Cutting Jade, Jimi Hendrix, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Jonathan Martin, Black Label Society, Steelheart, Joe Bonamassa, Iron Maiden, James Reyne, Pantera, Warren Zevon, Hazel O’Connor, The Clash, Edgar Broughton Band, Sixx AM, The Rolling Stones & Marilyn Manson.

Enjoy, TSORR: It’s all about the music m/

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