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Episode 40 of The Story of Rock and Roll went out into the world at midnight on 18 October 2019. Two hours went by in a flash, that’s the power of good music m/. It was foot to the floor for the first hour and then we started to get a bit more off the beaten track with stuff like Nibs Van Der Spuy, Walking Papers & 12th Avenue. According to the WhatsApp line TSORR Radio Show is “The best show on Rockfest”!! and “I am wide awake tonight show is one of the best in a long time”. So there you have it.


The new stuff came from Mark Morton, the punk came from Green Day and from The Professionals. As usual, I had waaaay too much music and the show could easily have gone 4 hours. Somehow the ladies got bumped so I’ll fix that next week. Every time I play stuff off Rush’s final album, Clockwork Angels, I like it more, what a special band, we listened to The Wreckers. Every episode of TSORR is lead guitar-centric and this one was full of it. Jeff Georges smack you round the head solo on ‘I Tried’ by We are Harlot was especially cool, as was the outro guitar work from Hammett and Hetfield on ‘The Day That Never Comes’. Mike Orlando’s fretwork on Angel Sky would certainly qualify as notifiable. You probably know by now that as with infectious diseases, where some are classed as notifiable because they are high in ‘you better give a fuckness’, so too, in my world, are guitar solos. Consequently, it is my duty to notify you every time you are about to hear one. There was a small little tribute to a giant of a man, Fanie Marais who sadly passed away this week, it’s still an open wound for me. Fanie was one of the nicest guys in the SA Music scene and he’ll be sorely missed. He produced and Engineered all The Uninvited albums and he was a very close friend, he loved life and to say cheers I played him our beloved Rolling Stones with Sad, Sad, Sad.


Artists featured included: Megadeth, The Professionals, Nibs Van Der Spuy, Rainbow, Green Day, Led Zeppelin, Animal Bites, Metallica, We Are Harlot, Walking Papers, Sixx:A.M., Dokken, Airbourne, Joe Bonamassa, Accept, L:ast In Line, Audioslave, Windowpane, Pearl Jam, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, 12th Avenue, W.A.S.P. Adrenaline Mob, Mark Morton and Rush

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